For many businesses there is confusion about who looks after what when it comes to telecoms, and the perceived consequences of moving away from BT may have stopped them from changing suppliers. Many simply resign themselves to expensive phone bills and sitting in long call queues waiting to speak to an agent.

In reality, moving from to another supplier is much simpler than some would have you believe.

Check out some of the benefits of moving to Noise:

  • Our charges for lines, calls and inbound numbers are guaranteed to be lower than BT. In truth we haven’t seen a BT bill yet that we couldn’t save money on! But saving money doesn’t mean compromise – we only work with tier 1 carriers to ensure call quality is second to none.
  • Customer care – note that this says ‘care’ because its true – we do. Our friendly UK support team are here to ensure that problems are solved quickly. 90% of issues are solved during the first call – and if not, the team will keep you updated every step of the way until resolution.
  • In business telecoms knowledge is key, and it gives us the know-how to create clever solutions that fit your requirements. We ensure a high level of expertise flows through Noise so that we can give you the best advice.
  • We believe in creating partnerships with our clients which ultimately helps them in becoming more successful. We can only do this by creating trust – so we do what we say, when we say.
  • Because we partner with some of the world’s leading carriers, you can have peace of mind that your business will benefit from their fully redundant networks, as well as receiving a highly responsive customer service experience from our team.
  • We know how important it is for your business to stay connected, so we make sure that moving to Noise is straightforward, seamless and hassle-free.

Why not give us a call on 0330 333 2662 and let’s discuss how we can help you. Once you’ve taken the step to move your services, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner…