About Noise

Telecoms can be a confusing, noisy world – especially for small or growing businesses. At Noise we cut through the racket and claptrap to give you



sensible advice


fit-for-purpose solutions.


We help you save money, increase efficiency and create your own tone to drive your business forward.

Why choose noise?

We are a friendly, no-nonsense, approachable communications provider. We know time is precious, so our style is simple, straightforward and easy to digest – and rather than hoping you will read through pages of detail, we’d much rather have a conversation. Whether you’re a technical whizz or complete technophobe, we’ll talk to you in a way that you understand so we can help provide solutions that fit your requirements, not simply sell you what makes us the most money.

At Noise we are completely committed to brilliant customer service. We go the extra mile to ensure our customers are satisfied – not only with the prices they are paying, but also with the service they are receiving. Building strong customer relationships is what we are about, so when you choose Noise we work hard to become part of your team.


Noise Comms Limited
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VAT no. 259391861

Phone: +44 (0)330 333 2662
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Email: hello@call-noise.com