Call Routing

Area routing

If you are a company with multiple branches wanting to advertise one memorable contact number, Area Routing (also known as Zone Plan) will seamlessly route callers to their nearest branch.

How does it work?

Calls are routed automatically based on the callers’ area code and mobile callers are routed to a default location.

For example, your business has offices in 3 locations – Aberdeen, Cardiff and London. We can route all calls from Scotland to the Aberdeen office, all calls from Wales to the team based in Cardiff, and all other calls to the default location, London.

All our Area Routing plans are custom-built, so give us a call and we’ll work with you to create a plan to suit your business.


  • Route calls based on geographic area – Town, City, County or Region
  • Advertise one phone number in advertising or marketing campaigns
  • Bespoke plan to suit your needs
  • Improve customer experience by giving callers a local service

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