Call Routing

Auto attendant

Also known as Virtual Switchboard, Virtual Receptionist or an IVR, this service asks your caller to choose an option to be routed to the relevant department or person.

You might recognise this as hearing ‘press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Support…’

An Auto Attendant service can be as simple or as complex as required, and so is ideal for smaller companies wanting to appear bigger, right through to large corporations with multiple departments and offices.


How does it work

  1. Caller dials the number we provide
  2. Caller hears message asking them to choose an option
  3. Caller selects the option they need by pressing the button on their phone keypad
  4. Call is directed to the right department

Inbound calls are routed to the correct department every time, making your business more efficient and helping to improve customer satisfaction.

  • No need for additional expensive equipment
  • Callers speak to the department they need to
  • Record unique announcements for each option
  • Configure time, day and date settings
  • A flexible service that can grow with your business

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