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There are lots of clever call handling features, but how do we get the calls to you? Creating a call routing plan to suit your business, can help make sure your inbound calls get answered.

We can route calls to landlines, mobiles, international numbers or outsourced call centres in several ways – helping to improve customer experience, and ensure potential sales calls are not missed.


  • Simple: Have several destination numbers ring in the order you choose. If the first destination is busy, unanswered or unavailable, the call routes to the next available destination.
  • Percentage: Distribute calls based on percentage splits. For example, 50% of calls to destination 1, 30% of calls to destination 2 and 20% of calls to destination 3.
  • Simultaneous: Have several destination numbers ringing at the same time, the first person to pick up will answer the call.
  • Round Robin: With this feature the ringing group sequence is re-ordered with each incoming call received so the same destination number does not always get offered the call first, allowing for an even distribution of calls.

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