Call Routing

Once you’ve chosen your number…

When you’ve decided on the best number for you it’s time to choose which call routing features you require from the extensive list of options below:

so many features

Area routing

Automatically route callers to their nearest branch or office based on where they are calling from.

Call Queuing

Queue calls without any expensive in-house equipment. Let your callers know you’ll be with them in a few moments.

Call Whisper

Perfect for when you use your phone for both business and personal calls. Know what the call is about before being connected to the caller.

Fax to email

Receive your faxes via email. Avoid the hassle of lost faxes, paper jams, additional paper and messy toner.

Email to Fax

Use email to send faxes. Email to fax saves money, especially on maintenance and phone line costs.

Call Recording

Record all your incoming calls automatically. No need for expensive hardware or installation of equipment.

Auto attendant

Use Auto Attendant to greet your callers and route them to the right person or department every time. Press 1 for Sales, press 2 for Support.


Voicemail messages are sent to you on email – great for if you can’t answer a call, or it’s out of hours.



Save time and travel costs with our easy to use audio Conference calling service.

Greeting message

Give a professional first impression to your callers.

Time of day

Route calls to different destination numbers at based on time of day, or day of the week.

Call delivery

Route calls to multiple destination numbers to increase the chance of the call being answered.

Mid call transfer

Transfer your call to another phone, anywhere, without needing a second phone line or phone system.

Disaster recovery

Many companies have an emergency plan in place for on-site systems and data, but have you thought about your phone lines?

Call Statistics

Regardless of your company size or sector, Call Statistics can provide valuable information.

Bespoke Solutions

If you can’t find the exact service you are looking for, or are wanting to combine several features – give us a call.