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call whisper

Call Whisper plays a custom audio message to the person answering the call (e.g. you) when you pick up the phone – you can then answer the call appropriately based on what you hear.

Call Whisper is brilliant if you use your phone for both business and personal calls – you can identify when it’s a business call and answer professionally.

Whisper can also be used as a preconnection announcement for a particular business if you answer calls for multiple businesses, or even to identify which advert a caller is responding to.


How does it work?

  1. Caller dials the number we provide
  2. Phone rings, you answer
  3. Whisper is played to you
  4. Caller is connected

Call Whisper Accept acts as a call screening service, allowing you to choose whether to accept the call or let it go to the next destination (or Voicemail). Call Accept also can be used to help avoid your mobile’s voicemail kicking in when you’re on other calls or have no signal.

With both Call Whisper and Call Whisper Accept, the audio message is only played to the person who answers the call, the caller will hear ringing until the call is answered.

  • Answer calls more professionally – first impressions are everything!
  • Improve customer experience
  • Provide a more tailored response to your callers
  • No extra hardware required

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