Call Routing

Mid Call transfer

With this service multiple offices or departments can act as one, so customers don’t have to hang up and redial to reach the right person.

Mid Call Transfer is managed in the network, so we can provide a phone system like function without you having to install a second phone line or buy an expensive phone system.


How does it work?

  1. Caller dials the number we provide and call is answered
  2. Person receiving the call (e.g. you) presses # on their keypad to put the caller on hold and begin the transfer process
  3. Call is made to the 3rd party, when answered you can introduce the caller
  4. You hang up, caller and 3rd party are connected

Clever eh!


  • Quick and easy to activate
  • No need for an expensive phone system or ongoing maintenance
  • Transfer answered calls to a 3rd party from any phone or location
  • Call is transferred in the network, so frees up your line to receive the next call

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